Network Devices and Solutions
HK NL E-Commerce Company Limited is a professional supplier of telecommunications equipment and network devices for all sorts of applications.
Professional network solutions for Commercial and Enterprise customers

Founded in 2018, HK NL E-Commerce Company Limited continues to be innovation-driven supplier of networking solutions. We provide top-quality equipment for customers throughout the APAC region.

Our flagship products are commercial and industrial grade network switches, wireless acces points devices, and computing solutions. HK NL team expertise allows us to satisfy customer demands in various industries: data centers, cloud computing, network providers, building automation, video surveillance systems, and much more.

We provide complete technical documentation for the products we sell, and provide assistance in delivery, installation, and configuration of equipment. All equipment is provided with a full warranty; if necessary, we also provide post-warranty service.
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Carefully selected models from top manufacturers. Full warranty and technical support.
Network Switches
Monitor and control your data streams with unprecedented speed and advanced functionality
DIN-rail Network Switches
Industrial-grade switches to control your processes
LTE, 4G/5G routers
Powerful multiband commercial and industrial grade routers and modems
Compact solution for demanding environments
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