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Industry Leading Electronic Component Sourcing Capabilities

HK NL E-COMMERCE can quickly help resolve component sourcing issues relating to printed circuit board level electronic components/products for a wide variety of applications. We sell only the Highest Quality Goods while applying the most current Counterfeit Avoidance Mitigation Standards in the industry.

Our global channels consist of a supply chain network of original chip manufacturers, franchised distributors, large global manufacturing companies, various global manufacturers representatives and wholesale global independent distributors with tenure in our electronics manufacturing space. Our vast reach and market maneuverability helps us provide our customers hard-to-find, allocated, obsolete, long lead-time, and most importantly PPV down / lower cost components for production-just in time deliveries.

Our Advantage

We provide custom solutions that match clients' specific needs

We offer a fast response to every new need

We provide superior quality electronic components at a reasonable price

We have a proven track record of reliability

Our Range of Electronic Components

Our diverse offering includes both active and passive electronic components. The parts have been vetted to be of the highest quality and to meet set industry standards. 

Integrated Circuits                                                        Power Supplies                                                                     

Semiconductors                                                            Passive Components

Microprocessors (MPU's)                                             Active components

Processors (CPU's)                                                        Relays

Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGA's)                 Automotive wire harness connectors and wiring terminal

Flash                                                                               IT and Datacenter hardware

Automotive grade electronics                                      Optical Networking

Industrial grade electronics                                          Motherboards

 Bluetooth speaker/headphone


Cost-Effectiveness is Guaranteed

Banking on solid relationships within global manufacturers and wholesalers, we can guarantee you cost effective solutions to your ongoing component requirements. We have limitless bargaining options that don't compromise on quality. On the other hand, when the market is scarce on a key component, and the increased price you have received from another distributor/competitor isn’t acceptable or just downright offensive; Contact us. We will work hard, and negotiate our suppliers down to the price point you need.

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E-mail: hanna@hknle-commerce.com

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