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Automotive Powered Systems Supported by HK NL E-COMMERCE

The modern day automobile. How did we get here so quickly? Bluetooth powered, Wi-fi enabled, Autonomous driving, GPS Connectivity, power heated and cooled seats, advanced electronics and sensing components. Today's automobiles contain on average between 50-75 electronic control units. Whether just getting from point A to point B for simple transportation, or making a statement with what you drive, automobiles must continue to be as safe and as reliable as humanly possible. We have learned not only how to improve emissions and how to utilize alternative fuel sources; the automotive supply chain has evolved over time, and HK NL E-COMMERCE has been a part of this amazing revolution.

We specializes in the supply of automotive electronic components and systems. Our components can be found in all major brands around the globe.

We can support your critical builds while meeting all regulatory codes and specifications.

Our Broad Range of Components Include:

Automotive Electronics

Automotive Sensors

Automotive Lighting Systems

Driver Monitoring Cameras

Camera Park Assist

Infotainment Module

Wiper Control

LED Electronics

Connectivity Electronics

What We Bring to the Table

By working with us for your automotive electronic component needs, you are guaranteed:

Fast delivery for some components within a single business day

Fast response to emergency orders

Locating of hard to find automotive electronic components

Supply of high-tech components sourced from leading manufacturers

Competitive terms including volume purchase discounts

We can Find the Automotive Electronics You Need and often at a cost reduction for volume orders

Quite often the automotive electronic components you use today are also being used by your competitors. This scenario often can cause long lead times and an allocation market. That can throw a wrench into your production chain, especially if you still have soaring demand for your production.

We can save you from the frustration of having to re-source with different manufacturers. We have a long developed supply channels with global manufacturers in several different markets. We have knowledge of automotive plants, relationships with decision makers and the capability to source inventory globally. We are an industry leader in automotive manufacturing distribution, and the associated supply channels that pump materials into these plants. We already have many components in stock. We guarantee you that the parts we supply will be genuine, manufacture direct, and of perfect quality.

Contact HK NL E-COMMERCE for Automotive Electronic Components

At HK NL E-COMMERCE, we solve complex supply challenges and deliver budget friendly solutions to our clients. Our goal is your success. Contact us today for fast and seamlessly location and delivery of automotive electronic components.

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